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Goldsack is a leading international service provider to the oil & gas production and processing industry, with a diverse customer portfolio including many of the world’s leading integrated, independent and national oil & gas companies.

We deliver services through two divisions: Engineering, Construction, Operations & Maintenance (ECOM – comprising Onshore Engineering & Construction, Offshore Projects & Operations, Offshore Capital Projects and Engineering & Consulting Services) and Integrated Energy Services (IES). Through these divisions Goldsack designs and builds oil & gas facilities; operates, maintains and manages facilities and trains personnel; enhances production; and, where it can leverage its service capability, develops and co-invests in upstream and infrastructure projects. Goldsack range of services meets its customers’ needs across the full life cycle of oil & gas assets.

We are first and one of its kind in Edo state and Nigeria in providing oil and gas  Training Services Goldsack Training Services,  provides competence consultancy, training and assurance services to the oil & gas industry and beyond.

We are a one stop place for technology knowledge and skills empowerment for the petroleum, oil and gas industry. We offer training courses for all the oil and gas sector activities, including the upstream and downstream, exploration, drilling, production, production, surface facilities, health, safety, environment, downstream refining, petrochemical, LNG, gas processing, operations, maintenance, engineering, Health and safety

More than 100 technical experts serve our international customer-base, spanning a diverse range of fields: exploration and production, drilling, refining, petrochemicals, gas, LNG and renewables.

Our extensive network of offices spans the globe, providing immediate support for all regions. We run our own training centres Europe and Africa, and we can operate and design training facilities for our customers where necessary.

Our integrated approach to competence development lets us help our customers build more efficient, safe and competent workforces. We can identify where workforce competence can be enhanced; deliver training and development programmes to fill gaps and address competence assurance requirements on an ongoing basis.

In 2012, we delivered over 20,000 training days worldwide to develop and improve competence levels.

Our reputation is built on excellence that combines quality, practicality and hospitality. Our courses have been designed to be both practical and effective with combination of theory and workshop. So that student can start applying their knowledge on their project.


Director’s Message

Dear All,
Goldsack maritime treasure oil and gas services Nigeria Ltd is a unique pride in the  oil and gas sector We  inspire companies and individuals audiences that are willing to work in the oil and gas sector globally.
The basic mission and values of Goldsack maritime treasure oil and gas services is to make the oil and gas training educational setting easy.
In building our program, we remove the kinds of educational practices that we believe are not working so well and “best practices” and innovations that we believe have great promise. We draw from powerful influences, old and new, and recombine these influences with cutting-edge program.
In Oil and Gas training, we realized that we needed to balance our outsider’s perspective with that of experts from inside the field. To that end, we assembled a team of inspired educators to help us realize our vision.
We attract companies and individuals who believe a new approach to education is within our grasp.  Our path is made easy, and it requires an enormous amount of resourcefulness, will and commitment from all involved companies individuals and administrators–but we believe we are creating a special school like no other.  If you want to be part of turning this vision into reality, then please come and join us today.
Dr. Odaro Ize Omoregie
Director: Goldsack maritime treasure Oil and Gas Services Nig Ltd 


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