Expert in Pressure Testing / Hydro, Pneumatic & Sensitive

Goldsack started with a motive to cater to the needs of various Industries using high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Having extensive experience in High Pressure Reactions, Various Gases and Fluid handlings we have been serving various market with Custom Equipments. We Design, Manufacture and Supply Pressurization & Control Systems covering myriad industries and applications with wide range of gases and liquids.

Our equipments are built with internationally reputed components and global brands who are the pioneers in their respective technologies.

We have highly skilled technical experts to maintain a high degree of quality system integrated by us. We have excellent reputation for reliability and are backed up with outstanding technical support.

Our continued investment in technology and being channel partners with various companies ensures that we will remain as a leading solution provider in High Pressure Technology.

  Products and Packaged Systems we cater:

»          Portable high pressure Hydro-Pneumatic Test Pac’s

»          Air & Nitrogen Storage Vehicles/ Trolleys

»          Transfer and Pressurization of various gases

»          Injection Rate Control Devices

»          Flow Control Packages

»          De-contamination Systems, CO2 or Refrigerant Pump Systems

»          High Pressure testing Facilities with PLC & PC Controls

»          Propellant Filling Rigs and Loading Carts

»          Supply of Air Operated Gas Boosters up to 2690Bar

»          Air Operated Air Amplifiers up to 345 Bar

»          Air Operated Liquid Pumps up to 7000 Bar

»          High Pressure Valves fittings and accessories up to 10345Bar

»          Custom, Precision fluid control components

»          Custom build Cold Gas Thrusters and various Valves for High Pressure, High Temperature, Cryogenic, Hydraulic & Pneumatic applications.

»          Total Solution for Pressure Regulators

»          High Pressure Accumulators and Gas Bottles

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to ensure the Country gets maximum benefit from high pressure resources by engaging directly or indirectly in all activities that would add value to these resources.

To explore, develop and produce – marketable quality equipments for the country.

Seek to be a performance-based and customer-focused organization.

Apply relevant technologies and methods that are both new and proven in order to effectively develop equipments. Be an early adopter of new relevant technologies that have proven successful elsewhere.