Basics of Log Interpretation

This Course is a basic Introduction to Log Interpretation and Applications. It covers the fundamentals of Wireline log interpretation using cutting-edge software applications from world class oil and gas industries Eg: Petrel,  Geoframe (Schlumberger), Landmark, Seisware, Kingdom Suite. etc

Lithology logs: SP, Calipre, Gamma Ray (GR), Natural Gamma Spectrometer Log (NGR), etc

Porosity Logs: Sonic Logs, Density Logs, Neurton Logs ( CNL, DNL, etc)

Resisitivity Logs: LLD, LLS and MSFL logs.

Cross Plots: these are log applications used with bore hole parameters in determination of hydrocarbon insitu.

Sonic-Neutron, Sonic-Density, NGS, etc

(Location: Class (Practical Intensive))