Directional Drilling



Directional drilling is a recent technological advancement as opposed to the normal vertical drilling. Companies are increasingly moving towards the employment of this technology as the age of easy oil and gas is rapidly diminishing. It is important to understand the types of directional wells and angles and deviations which along with other important contents will be covered in the course.




Indicative Module Content:

Drill Bits and IADC Classifications
Rolling Cutter Bit and its Components
Milled Tooth Bits
Insert Bits
Natural Diamond Bits
Polycrystalline Diamond Bits
Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts
Bi-centric Bits
Bit Operating Procedures and Best Practices
Dull Bit Grading
Bit Records
How to perform a proper ‘drill-off’ test
How to produce a ROP vs WOB chart
Constructing Bingham’s Drilling Efficiency Diagram
Evaluating drilling efficiency
Bit selection with no prior experience and Cost per
foot formula
Bit selection with Graphical Method based on previous bit runs
Galle & Wood and Young & Bourgoyne ROP models.
Estimating drill bit life
Drill bit optimizations and optimum operational parameters
Operational considerations and best practices with
Rolling Cutter, PDC bits