Field Course and Training

Target Audience:    Geophysicists, Geologists, Petroleum Engineers, Students majoring in Geophysics etc

Duration:     6 weeks 

Module I

  1. Introductory Field Practice (Basics(Dos and Donts), PPE, etc)
  2. Introductory Geology for Geophysicists and Petroleum Engineers
  3. Introduction to Exploration Techniques for Hydrocarbon and Minerals( Oil & Gas, Groundwater, Clay, Metals and Ores etc)
  4. Introduction to Basic Exploration Methods ( Seismic, Electrical, Magnetics, VLF and GPR etc)
  5. Handling of Field Results
  6. Basics of Processing
  7. Basics of Interpretation and Presentation of Data
  8. Basics of Modelling ( Generating Models)
  9. Introduction to Logging
  10. Basics of Log Interpretation