Title: Field Course and Training

Target Audience: Geophysicists, Geologists, Petroleum Engineers, Students majoring in Geophysics etc

Duration: 6 weeks


  • Module I    

Introductory Field Practice Basics dos and don’ts, PPE, etc)
Introductory Geology for Geophysicists and Petroleum Engineers
Introduction to Exploration Techniques for Hydrocarbon and Minerals (Oil & Gas, Groundwater, Clay, Metals and Ores etc)
Introduction to Basic Exploration Methods (Seismic, Electrical, Magnetics, VLF and GPR etc)
Handling of Field Results
Basics of Processing
Basics of Interpretation and Presentation of Data
Basics of Modelling (Generating Models)
Introduction to Logging
Basics of Log Interpretation


Introductory Field Practice (Basics dos and don’ts), PPE, etc
The practical drill on field practice, safety practice on the field and general HSE practice for exploration and field activities. It covers the use of PPEs, and other safety equipments including field compasses, GPS and map reading methods: co-ordinate system and timings etc

(Location: Class and Field)