Introduction to Basic Exploration Methods

Seismic, Electrical, Magnetics, VLF and GPR

This Course is a basic Introduction to Exploration  methods as obtained in  the Oil, Gas, Mining and Geotechnical Industries.

The course will focus on the Methods that are generally and widely used for (Search, Identification and verification processes and Extraction*) Oil and Gas, Groundwater, mining of valuable minerals and other useful resources, (eg clay), Reclaiming of land masses.

These methods include: Seismic – Refraction method and Reflection methods (Field design, Shooting, Data Acquisition, Processing etc)

Electrical methods: Resistivity – Schlumberger method, Wenner (Alpha, Beta & Gamma) Dipole-Dipole, Pole- Dipole, Pole-Pole. (Field Survey, Data acquisition, Processing etc), Imaging, Profiling and the Available combination of the respective methods (Integrated Approach) etc

Magnetics:- VLF methods.

Location: Field (Practical Intensive