NVQ Level 2 Instrumentation

National Vocational Qualification- Instrumentation

Mandatory Units Instrumentation Skills Units
  • Working safely in an engineering environment
  • Working efficiently and effectively in engineering
  • Using and communicating technical information
  • Forming and assembling
  • Pipe work systems
  • Maintaining and testing
  • process instrumentation and¬† control device
  • Wiring and testing
  • Programmable controller based systems


The following subject modules will be covered in this VQ
  • Piping Systems
  • Pressure Testing
  • Introduction to and interpretation of drawings
  • Safe isolation, removal and ¬†reinstatement of pneumatic and electrical field instruments
  • Emergency shut-down/fire & Gas detection/protection systems including hard wire relay and PLC logic systems
  • Basic programming of PLC base systems


  • Pressure Vessels
  • Small Bore Tubing including correct make up of fittings
  • Correct make up of fittings and tubing exercises
  • Hook-up and workshop
  • Calibration of pressure, temperature, level and flow measuring instruments.
  • Fault finding/diagnosis on instrument control loops
  • Wiring, installation and testing of programmable controller (PLC) based systems